Is it Natural for California Opossums to be Active During the Day?

When you encounter an opossum during daytime, you will normally think that the Lancaster and Palmdale opossum is sick and probably a potential carrier of the rabies virus. You believe that your concern regarding rabies will be validated if the opossum is acting erratic and aggressive. It is a known fact that a lot of opossums have died from those people who think that they are rabid. Unfortunately, there is a high possibility that the creature that they've just killed is not rabid. It may also not be ill.

Why Are Opossums Active During the Day?

The body temperature of the opossum is considerably lower when compared to other mammals. This is one of the reasons why the rabies virus will not be able to survive in the body of the opossum. In this article, we will find the reason behind the unique behavior of the opossum.

Bluffing Technique

The hissing of the California opossum is being used as a bluff to scare their predator. Remember that the opossum do not have the necessary feature to become a natural fighter. Their only option is to scare their enemy and to play dead. If you decide to scare them more, you will notice how they will drop down and appear like they are dead. People normally think that their hissing and drooling is usually a sign of the rabies virus. Nonetheless, this is simply the defense mechanism of the creature. Generally, this action will be sufficient to intimidate the attacker. Unfortunately, the first response of those people who encounter an opossum that is acting in this manner is to shoot them.

Hunting for Food

While the opossum will normally look for its potential food during nighttime, they can also be discovered hunting for California food during daytime especially if they are nursing their young ones. If there is a scarcity in their food supply, they may also be seen looking for food throughout the day. They are willing to spend a lot of time in looking for food. This will usually happen during the winter season.

They Have Been Disturbed

You will also see an active California opossum during the day if they have been disturbed on their natural habitat. They will normally be startled by the presence of the dog and cat. Sometimes, our pets will chase them out of their den. The possum has a range of predators and will immediately look for safety in case they feel like they are being threatened. They will climb on higher places until such time that it is already safe to return to their home.

Seeing an opossum that is active throughout that day is not a sign that they are rabid. There are numerous reasons why this Lancaster and Palmdale creature will stay active. Nonetheless, it is still recommended to tread carefully and call the help of the professionals to deal with the opossum. Do not approach and frighten them since they can attack and bite you if they are being coerced.

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