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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Lancaster and Palmdale! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Lancaster and Palmdale, CA. Wild animals are the carriers of a number of diseases that can be dangerous to you and your family. Pathogens such as Histoplasmosis, Salmonella, Leptospirosis and more can be transferred from an animal, even through their feces. This poses a serious risk to you, your family, even to your pants. You want wild animals to be removed from your land, but you also want to ensure that your property is safe. This is why we provide an expert service that allows you to feel safe in your home. We use state-of-the-art, humane techniques to remove animals from your property. Our goal is to never do anything to endanger either you or the animal. We want to safely remove them, so that they don't pose a risk to your family anymore. We then provide sanitizing services, cleaning and disinfecting areas where the animal may have left its waste. We have dealt with every kind of animal imaginable in this area. That is included skunks, rats, mice, snakes, birds, and raccoon. We have even extricated back colonies. Our staff are experts at what they do. They are available 24 hours a day to assist you. If you are in need of help, be sure we are ready to help you. Call us now at 661-835-6786 for your Lancaster and Palmdale wildlife control needs.

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Lancaster and Palmdale Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: All the California Legalities to Know BEFORE Trapping Squirrels

The law that pertains to the Lancaster and Palmdale squirrel will differ depending on your location. It would be best to consult your local wildlife center before you perform any removal method to guarantee that you are staying in compliance with the regulations. The law will also depend on particular specie of the squirrel family. For instance, the red squirrels are protected under the law and should not be harmed in anyway. 

Trapping the Squirrels Legally

In a sense, it is legal to capture the California gray squirrel as long as it will not lead to injury. Based on the rules of the Animal Welfare law, it is unlawful to cause the animals an ‘unnecessary' suffering. This is especially true for the animals that are under your personal care. This would also include the variety of animals that are caught in your trap such as the squirrel. 

The Red Squirrel

The red squirrel is included in the protected species in the federal list. This means that they are protected against unjust eviction. Additionally, you are not allowed to intentionally injure, kill or even take the red squirrel. This means that those who are keeping red squirrel as pet needs to carry the necessary license to prove that it is not forcefully taken in the wild. Otherwise, the squirrel will be confiscated and the owner will have to deal with legal repercussions.

Apart from these, you are also not allowed to carelessly damage the den of the California red squirrel. You are not allowed to disturb the area that they are using as their nesting place. In addition, it is not legal to sell the squirrels. In case you encountered a red squirrel, you are not permitted to use trap, electric devices, and snares that are designed to kill the creature. Any device that may cause injury to the red squirrel is illegal.

The Grey Squirrel

Controlling the Lancaster and Palmdale grey squirrel is legal. You are not required to carry license in order to perform exclusion. Nonetheless, it is still unlawful to subject the poor creature to different types of cruel methods and torture. You are also not allowed to keep the squirrel in captivity unless of course, you are holding the necessary licenses and permits. After capturing the grey squirrel, you are not permitted to relocate them in the wild. Ask your local wildlife agency about the process on releasing them. In some states, you will be allowed to take them more than 10 miles while on the other state; it is illegal to relocate them beyond their territory.

The things we mentioned here should only be used as reference and should not be taken as the original legislation. We encourage you to refer to the local animal welfare department or wildlife center to inform yourself about the existing rules and regulations. In the event that dealing with the legalities seem to be too complex, you should hire the service of the wildlife removal experts. They can get rid of the nuisance creature while abiding on the laws.