Top 4 Ways to Rid of Lancaster and Palmdale Bats Crowding Your Chimney - #3 Will Surprise You!

Bats will usually prefer the dark and concealed areas that will protect them against harsh weather elements and Lancaster and Palmdale predators. They will usually choose the cave as their roosting ground. Unfortunately, since human has been invading their natural habitat to build structure, they can also roost in our attic, sheds, and chimney. It is essential to conduct preventative measures to guarantee that your house will remain free from bat infestation.

How to Get Rid of the Bats in Your Chimney

The first thing you have to do is to familiarize yourself on the existing policies and regulations regarding California bat removal. This will help you stay away from legal problems that you may face. There are stern rules that protect the bats against unwarranted eviction. 

Check for the Tiny Openings

After gathering enough information about them, you may have to wait until a certain period to evict them. In some states you are only allowed to conduct exclusion during the month of April and August. You will need to go outside and check for the possible entry points that are close to your chimney. You may also observe them for a few days when they leave the chimney to determine their exit holes. They will leave your property about 15 minutes after the sun has set.

Seal the Openings

We want to remind you again that you should only perform the sealing of their entry points during the time that is recommended under the law. Before you seal the entry points, you have to make sure that there are no baby bats left in the chimney. Baby bats are incapable of flight and they will die if you separate them from their mother. You should use a smooth material when sealing the access point. Rough materials such as hardware cloth and wire mesh can be used by the bats to roost. This will only worsen the problems.

Installing Bat Excluder

Bat exclusion device are the only option recommended by the local California wildlife agency. This will allow the bats to escape your property and will stop them from returning to your chimney. It also has enough space that will enable to bats to flap its wings without causing it any harm. You should leave this device installed for at least 2 weeks. Once you are sure that there are no signs of active bat infestation remove the bat excluder and seal the last remaining hole.

Better Alternative

After evicting them out of your Lancaster and Palmdale property, you may provide them with alternative place to roost such as a bat house. Keeping them near your property is an excellent way to keep the population of the insects down. You should also hire the service of the professional bat remover in case you find the process too overwhelming. 

You should never use repellent when driving the bats out of your chimney. Bats have increased tolerance to strong odors. They have a high tolerance against obnoxious odors. Finally, you should never attempt to cause the bats unnecessary suffering. 

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